Battery module assembly for PV home storage systems

Battery module assembly for PV home storage systems

Processing of cylindrical cells (round cells) 18650, 21700, 26650

A solar system on the roof and an energy storage in the house allow to use the self-generated electricity - and thus to become more independent from external power suppliers.

Rational and cost-efficient production

Strama-MPS offers turnkey assembly lines for a rational and cost-efficient production of customized battery packs for PV home storage systems. A mass production at the highest quality level would not be possible without high throughput rates as well as defined assembly and test procedures.

Considerable cost benefits by independent provisioning

Processing of the prepared round cells occurs by using specially developed provisioning systems - regardless of the delivery packaging. Thus there are no constraints within the procurement chain for pack producers and considerable costs benefits can be achieved.

Consistently high product quality by 100% incoming inspection

A 100% incoming inspection of the processed cells enables consistently high product quality.

Quick changeover without loss of production time

Positioning of the cells is carried out at positions and cell orientations which can be freely chosen by the customer. This allows an extremely quick changeover to new product types without set-up times. The new pack parameters are created offline and the assembly line can be switched over to new types without production time loss and without tool change.

Several connection technologies are available. We advise you.

For electrical connecting Strama-MPS has several connection technologies available in its product portfolio. Our experts will be pleased to advise you about the process offering an optimum solution to you.

Automatic monitoring of the connection quality

Micro-joining methods based on resistance welding can be used. Quality of the electrical connection is online monitored. Faulty welds are detected and fed for reworking.

Ultrasonic or laser bonding as an interesting alternative

As an additive manufacturing process the thick wire bonding technology is derived from the mass production of electric vehicles. Accordingly, the electrical connection is made with copper or aluminium wires being attached to the respective pole or bus bar or PCB pads. Thus, a new and extremely flexible manufacturing process is increasingly finding its way into the production of home storage systems.

In special applications, the laser bonding process developed by the Strama-MPS Group can be another solution for your electrical connection task. Please contact us! We will be pleased to advise you.

Flexible integration of manual and automatic processes

Besides the automatic processes there are manual assembly steps integrated. These workstations are equipped with worker guidance and tools as well as test equipment depending on the product requirements.

24/7 Service worldwide

Our service is staffed around the clock. 24 hours, 7 days a week. No matter from where you call, we are always at your service. Our worldwide agencies guarantee short response times and local contacts.

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Processing of round cells 18650, 21700 or 26650

Various electrical connection technologies can be applied

100% testing of the cells before processing

Delivery packaging-independent

Flexible wiring variants

Trackability and traceability