Assembly and testing technology

Testing line for circuit breakers

Full-automatic machine for setting and testing of circuit breakers. Feeding of circuit breakers on conveyor belt, workpiece conveying in the machine on linear feed system with workpiece locations. Four test benches for dynamic adjustment of the thermal disconnection point of the circuit breakers. In between two cooling stations each. One test bench "magnetic testing" of the circuit breakers. Parts ejection on conveyor belt. NOK parts will be deposited on a separate belt.

Leiter Projektmanagement
Karl Aich
Phone: +49 9421 739 - 285
Fax: +49 9421 739 - 6285

Technical Data

Electrical: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Control voltage: 24 V

Compressed air: 5 bar

Output: 425 parts / shift

Simatic S7-300 control

Operation Touchpanel TP 170-B

Test currents up to 600 A at thermal test up to 3000 A at magnetic testing


Dynamic adjustment via a wrench system which is coupled with the testing equipment

Part type identification via bar code scanner

Part marking via labelling system

Contacting of the components with silver-plated copper contacts

Variety of parts: 22 types 3 resp. 4 tracks 16 A up to 160 A rated current