Assembly and testing technology

Assembly & testing line throttle valve actuators

This equipment was developed for automatic throttle valve assembly and testing. Parts feeding is made from the rearside mostly manually. A circulating workpiece carrier system provides the parts conveying through the stations and the traceability of type data by the installed coding system.

Applied assembly processes:

  • Pneumatic and motorized pressing processes (force-displacement monitoring)
  • Wrench systems torque-rotation angle monitored
  • Leakage test with pressure drop measurement
  • Laser marking inline laser welding

Leiter Projektmanagement
Karl Aich
Phone: +49 9421 739 - 285
Fax: +49 9421 739 - 6285

Technical Data

Cycle time: 12 sec

Equipment dimensions: 12.5 x 6 x 2.2 m

Tooling time: < 5 min


Connection data:

Power supply 3x400V/32A, 50 Hz

Compressed air: 6 bar


Plastic laser welding of contours, segmental welding with 3 optics

Heat staking of plastic pins

Air-mass throughput testing of the component with Laminar Flow System

Image processing systems for positioning and alignment of the joined single parts