Assembly and testing technology

Assembly machine for current tripping devices

Full-automatic assembly line for current tripping devices consisting of seven modules. Coil feeding and bimetallic strip feeding via palletizing system, parts feeding from vibratory spiral conveyors and step conveyors. By means of palletizers the finished parts are deposited into blisters and these are stacked in trolleys. Stations are linked by means of a chain conveyor system with circulating workpiece carriers.

Description of the station

  • Station 1: Wire flaming
  • Station 2a: Joining coil – bimetallic strip – bimetallic support – armature – spring – laser welding bimetallic strip
  • Station 2b: Feeding spring and bimetallic support
  • Station 3: Thimble closing, wire cutting
  • Station 4: WIG welding wire – bimetallic support (with or without solder strip)
  • Station 5: Joining contact with contact support
  • Station 6: Wire testing, thimble closing, WIG welding bimetallic strip – contact, spring force testing, ageing
  • Station 7: Reworking place

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