Assembly and testing technology

Assembly machine for control arms

This machine is used to press the rubber bushings into the welded assembly control arm. The main item of this equipment consists of a robot and a rotary table. The machine works fully automatically. The welded assemblies taken by the robot from a painting rack are deposited by the robot onto the rotary table. The assembled control arms are removed by the robot and deposited onto pallets in blister foils. On the rotary table there are stations for painting and weld seam inspection, for pressing in of the bushings, for type identification and labeling of the components. Also part of the machine is a sorter, a feeding for the bushings, an intermediate storage, a discharge station for manual parts removal (drawer system with 14 supports), an ejector belt for NOK parts and a destacking station for the finished OK parts.

Leiter Projektmanagement
Karl Aich
Phone: +49 9421 739 - 285
Fax: +49 9421 739 - 6285

Technical Data

Number of robots: 1

Number of operators: ½ alternately with adjacent equipment pressing-in of bushings control arm

Quantity: 6000 units/day at 1252 min/day (3 shifts)

Machine availability: >90 %

Overall length of machine: approx. 8.5 m

Overall width of machine: approx. 8.5 m


Cycle times

10 s per cycle on rotary table, 20 s for 2 OK parts from rotary table

23.5 s per NOK part on robot

18 s for moving of a foil in the destacking area

18 s for moving of stacking pallets in the destacking area


Assembly press Promess with process monitoring (distance-force) and data saving

Destacking station with automatic feed and discharge of the racks by means of floor transport systems, automatic foil and rack changing by means of linear gantries

Approx. 1.5 hours neglect time (time without necessary operator intervention)