Assembly and testing technology

Assembly line for navigation systems

The use of entertainment, information and communication systems in vehicles gains in importance and is subject to a quick response and continuous product development. In order to meet the requirements of this development the assembly systems supplied by us to a well-known German manufacturer were built on the basis of the modular Bosch transfer systems MTS-2. The lines consist of several manual workplaces as well as different automatic stations connected to the main conveyor belt according to shunt technology.


Examples for automatic stations

  • Automatic testing system (single measurement)
  • Automatic robot testing system (up to 4 test locations)
  • Robot wrench station
  • Press-in station
  • Robot system to apply thermally conductive paste

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Technical Data

Automatic bolt feeding (up to 4 different bolts)

Bolt is taken by the robot in pick-and-place method

Rotary gripper unit to take the component (pneumatically or servo motor driven)

Maintenance of up to 100 component types

Connection to the control system

Additional functions like bolt testing (bolt length) or component testing (height measurement, color testing, camera testing)

Stand alone-operation of the station is also possible


Built according to shunt technology in modular design

Different processing times per work station possible

Assembly sequence for the product versions may vary

Parallel station

Quick integration of new stations

Job control